Penglipuran Village is one of the traditional villages that is located in Bangli Regency. It is famous because of its society who still preserve their traditional culture in their daily lives. The architecture of buildings and land processing still follows the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the philosophy of Balinese society regarding the balance of relations between god, humans and their environment. Penglipuran Village succeeded in building tourism that benefited all of their communities without losing their culture and traditions. In 1995, Penglipuran Village also received a Kalpataru award from the Indonesian Government for its efforts to protect the Bamboo Forest in their local ecosystem.

My host sister Rahel and I decided to go there for a day trip. With our scooter “scooby”, our baggage and a lot of adventure spirit we start our excursion.

On our way there we decided to make our first stop in Denpasar so we could make a visit to the traditional Pasar Badung. The building of the traditional Pasar is very modern compared to the other ones in Bali and you can find in one floor just meat or fish and in the second one all variety of Indonesian fruits. We really like it and we can recommend visiting it. Near to the basar building you can find the oldest cafeteria in Bali called Bhineka Jaya – being there is like drinking a cappuccino in Italy. Should you ever feel homesick this place will heal you for sure.

After good Cappuccino and some rest, we felt ready to continue our trip. Around 12:00 am we finally arrived at the penglipuran village – as we went on a Monday they were not so many tourists there and we could enjoy the spot for ourselves. Take a look how beautiful the village is: