This week was our 6th week of school at the Udayana University.

The upcoming weeks I‘m going to visit the following classes:
Indonesian Language, Cross Cultural Communication, International Relations and Communication, Global Marketing, International Entrepreneurship and Globalization & Social Change. The classes will take place every week from Monday until Wednesday, which is the same framework as fulltime studies in Switzerland.

The classes itself do not really differ to the one’s in Switzerland. However, one big difference between Bali and Switzerland is the composition of classmembers. Since there are some classes which balinese people visit as well – we also work on a variety of projects / presentations together – we are able to learn more about the balinese people, their backgrounds, mentality, culture and so on. As a matter of fact this is also what makes this stay in Bali and the studies at Udayana University the most special and rewarding experience in my life.

Fun Fact: The Balinese students love to do presentations. In Switzerland we also have to do a lot of presenations, but since barley anyone likes giving them, we keep them always very simple. But not the Balinese. They like to be very extra with their presentations for example by using a lot of charts and animations on their slides.

Furthermore, they are very dedicated, never late and always writing notes during class. I guess this is because Udayana University can only receive a certain number of spots to students. Receiving one of these spots is a great privilege, which is why balinese students are taking their studies very seriously and try their best in order to provide their family a better life one day. Crazy as it is: At home we don’t even have to think about a free ‚seat‘ in our schoolroom and the majority of the swiss students are taking the opportunity to study for granted.