Last weekend I took the opportunity to see the temple called Tirta Empul. This is a place where you can purify your soul.
Balinese people have been coming to this spot for more than 1000 years to wash the bad energy away. It’s still a very popular Tempel for ritual purification. The water flows directly from the Pakerisan River and its made from stones. Indra, a Hindu god created this magical Temple. You’ll get a sarong to wear and you have to put all of your clothes off. It’s very important to follow all of the instructions and rules.

When you get in the water, I felt different. It was a feeling I never had before. I was overwhelmed because of this magical moment. At this moment, you will forget the 1000 other persons right behind you.

The ritual is: to say a prayer before you wash your head 3 times per each water bubbler. You can also bring offerings and flowers with you. That was what I did.
In the end, I felt like I was taking part in something truly special.