For sure you already have heard about the plastic problem we face in our planet. Here in Indonesia you can find tones of plastic waste lying at some beaches or landscapes. As soon the wet season starts it will be even worse – the whole plastic will be brought from the ocean to the shallow beaches. Nevertheless an individual person can do a lot to reduce waste or helping the environment, for example in controlling their consum or picking up garbage.

At Green Tara (were Veti stays) we had the opportunity to participate a zero-waste workshop with Manuel Bergmann. Before starting the workshop, we decide to watch the award-winning documentary “A PLASTIC OCEAN” who was set up by a group of dedicated scientists, film-makers, social entrepreneurs, environmentalists and journalists.

This documentary showed us the immense effect the plastic waste has in the ocean world and how terrible the consequences of plastic already are. After the movie we wonder what we can do to help and how we can have an influence to create a better and safer world for animals and humans.

We would like to share the summary of our discussions and the workshop, so you also can have an impact while studying abroad or even in your hometown.

The situation in Bali with Plastic Pollution:
240t of trash are produced int the southern part of Bali alone EVERY DAY.

Waste Disposal
– 44% Landfill
– 22% Land
– 19% Burnt
– 11% Waterways
– 4% Recycled

Waste Analysis of Bali
– 60% Organic Waste
– 20% Plastic Waste
– 11% Paper
– 9 % Others

Solutions to the Plastic Problem
The government of Bali banned plastic bags, plastic straws, and polystyrene since June 23rd, 2019
Eco Bali Recycling provides waste collection, separations system, and recycling for households, businesses, and communities ​
– Reducing your own plastic consumption, visit a Zero Waste shop:
Beach Clean-Ups – A great tool to raise awareness and to make the world a cleaner place – Organizations that are doing weekly cleanups on Bali:
→TrashHeroh​ ttps://
→ Ocean Mimic ​
→ Bye Bye Plastic Bags ​
→ 4ocean ​
– Buy a refill bottle and download the app so you know where you can get water for free:

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