Lombok is an island in the West Nusa Tenggara between Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east. The most famous city is Kuta Lombok, especially for surfers who are looking for new waves and not so crowded places. But there is way more to do than just surf, Lombok has beautiful beaches, hiking tours to the volcano Mount Rinjani or cultures explorations as e.g. Sade village.

There are different ways to travel to the island. From Padang Bay, you can take the ferry with your scooter for 130’000 Rupiah (CHF 10.-!!). We went on the ferry overnight and it took us approximately 5 hours to arrive. There are cabins or mattresses you can rent, or you can just lay down on sits. Most people go by plane as the flights are cheap as well and maybe it’s even more comfortable.

The streets in Lombok are like back home in Switzerland and traffic is way better than in Bali. People call Lombok “an unspoiled Bali” or “Bali 10 years before”. Anyway, there will be a lot of changes in the next coming years. In Kuta Lombok, the constructions for the Motor GP in 2021 are going wild. You can see a lot of land sales posters and feel how people are preparing for this immense event. Nevertheless, Lombok’s sunsets are magical, and people are very friendly. For everyone who needs a break from crowded places and traffic, we can recommend visiting.