For sure your phone has already a lot of apps and maybe it is somehow hard to get an overview BUT we promise the apps below are worth it for your stay in Indonesia and will make your daily life so much easier. 

Grab / GoJek

If you have been already in Bali, there is no way to stay there without this application. Grab is a bit more expensive and we recommend using GoJek. It is working for a car and scooter and even for food deliveries – yiammi! The price from Kuta to Jimbaran (approx. 30 minutes) is around 30’000 Rupiah (CHF 2.50). 



It took a while until we explore GoLife but as soon as we did, we could not stop to use it. With GoLife you can order Massages for a very fair price and to put the cherry on the top the massage is very good. 5 Stars to this app – check!



They are many apps to calculate the currency rates – we personally like this one as it calculates at the moment the currency you choose in your dashboard. 



For all surfers out there – want to save time and know if the waves are good? Go for the MSW app the best hotspots in Bali and other islands are listed there.



We already mentioned that plastic is a problem here and in the rest of the world. Click here to read more. With the RefillmyBottle app, you can save a lot of plastic bottles. Refill your bottle for free and save the planet! 



Nowadays a lot of students get the chance to manage for one day the social media channels for their university back home. We feel honoured to get the possibility to share our moments and daily activities for a whole day at the HWZ Instagram page, @fhhwz. On the 10 of December 2019, it is time to take you into our journey and show you how our daily life here in Bali looks like. We can’t wait to see you there :)! P.s. it was quite a lot of work to prepare and plan all the posts especially to take the videos (it felt like we took it 100 times). Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun.


Lombok is an island in the West Nusa Tenggara between Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east. The most famous city is Kuta Lombok, especially for surfers who are looking for new waves and not so crowded places. But there is way more to do than just surf, Lombok has beautiful beaches, hiking tours to the volcano Mount Rinjani or cultures explorations as e.g. Sade village.

There are different ways to travel to the island. From Padang Bay, you can take the ferry with your scooter for 130’000 Rupiah (CHF 10.-!!). We went on the ferry overnight and it took us approximately 5 hours to arrive. There are cabins or mattresses you can rent, or you can just lay down on sits. Most people go by plane as the flights are cheap as well and maybe it’s even more comfortable.

The streets in Lombok are like back home in Switzerland and traffic is way better than in Bali. People call Lombok “an unspoiled Bali” or “Bali 10 years before”. Anyway, there will be a lot of changes in the next coming years. In Kuta Lombok, the constructions for the Motor GP in 2021 are going wild. You can see a lot of land sales posters and feel how people are preparing for this immense event. Nevertheless, Lombok’s sunsets are magical, and people are very friendly. For everyone who needs a break from crowded places and traffic, we can recommend visiting.