Applying for visa, sublet your room, where to sleep and what to pack or which medical prevention are necessary; we went through all this and we could write a book about it but we will not do that to you… so check out our short overview what exactly you have to organize for your study abroad and where you have to keep a special eye on it..

With Asia Exchange we have a great study program. The application process was effortless and also the team is amiable and helpful. Next to that the tuition fees are more than fair. With the right study program you will have a good support during the whole visa application and your stage : ASIA EXCHANGE

It’s always a little bit stressful applying for a visa especially if the whole procedure isn’t clear. Thanks to Asia Exchange, we knew exactly what we have to do. So for our semester in Indonesia we apply for the social visa / short visit visa (Type B211A) to the Indonesia embassy in Bern:

The maximum length of stay with this type of visa is 60 days, although it can be extended up to four times.

What you need for application by post:
1. Fully completed visa application form ( Visa Application Form.pdf)
2. Original passport valid for more than 6 months
3. Copy of valid passport
4. One colored photo (to be attached to the visa application form)
5. Copy of round-trip flight or travel itinerary
6. Acceptance Letter from University
7. Self-addressed envelope with stamps for registered post (value of CHF 6.30)

We recommend to start the visa application procedure early enough so you will receive the visa on time (1.5 month before leaving).

We require to make sure that the insurance policies are in order before going abroad. We conclude an accident insurance at suva.

If you go to the tropical doctor you will get a lot of informations about possible diseases. And yes, you will hear about some diseases you even know about their existence. Anyway, below we wrote down the vaccinations we recommend to do:

  • Rabies vaccination: It is a virus infection that can be transmitted by mammals. Especially from dogs, cats or bats. If the disease breaks out, it will be 100% deadly.
  • Japanese encephalitis: It is transmitted by mosquitoes and can lead to brain inflammation. The infection manifests itself by sudden onset of fever and headache.
  • Dengue: Dengue fever is the world’s most common insect-borne infectious disease. The pathogen, a virus, is transmitted by day and dawn-active Stegomyia mosquitoes. The disease leads to high fever, muscle and joint pain, and skin rashes.

Don’t bring too much you will find everything here in Bali. There are only few things we recommend bringing with you (next your basic summer clothes and cosmetic stuffs) because it’s more expensive here or not available:

  • Sunblock
  • O.B.
  • Adapter

After all this you should be well prepared for your study abroad – if you should have more questions feel free to contact us!